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March 10 2013


pos 409

POS 409

Discussion Questions
Assignment #2 (WEEK 2)
Basic Checkbook Organizer
This assignment is based upon Assignment #2 - Basic Checkbook Organizer. Details for this assignmentcan be found in the Individual Assignments & Grading Requirements Post in the Course Materials Forum
Change request 20
 Write the program in VB.Net (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. Have the user input theamount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage and the interest rate. Display the mortgage payment
amount based on the user’s inputs. Allow the user to loop back and enter new data or quit. Insert
comments to document the program.
Additional Instructions:
 Build a Windows based application that simulates a basic checkbook organizer that meets the followingrequirements:1.
Windows based application2.
Allow user to enter starting balance3.
Allow user to enter a series of Transactions1.
Transaction is defined as a Debit (withdrawal) or a Credit (deposit)2.
i. Example 1
$ 1,234.50
ii. Example 2
$ 50.00
Validation of input must be provided (do not allow for non-numeric input or negative input)2.
Create a separate class that can be used to define a transaction.
This classwill be expanded in following assignments, so be flexible in its design. This classshould contain properties that define the Type (Debit or Credit) andAmount. You may also include methods in the class for the various calculations.4.
Running account balance as transactions are applied must be maintained1.
Current Balance:
$ 1,200.765.
Running total of Credits and Debits must be maintained1.
Total Debits:
$ 2,301.34
Total Credits:
$ 1,509.976. Navigation must be provided1.
Clear All Totals & Start Over 2.
Exit Application3.
Add New Transaction7. Provide detailed comments in the code explaining the process and methodology that you use.

POS 409
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